Sunday, April 25, 2010

Last day

Whitney trying to smile knowing we were catching a plane home the next morning. She insisted on a photo by the statue of Don Quixote.
The main souveneir we brought home was this original watercolor of a Basque mountain town we found in an antique shop in Bilbao.
We have been planning this dream trip practically since the day we got married. We made the most of our week and a half covering more than half of Spain and seeing wonderful people and amazing sites. On the flight home we commented that it was our second honeymoon and a dream come true. Now Whitney can put faces and places to my stories. The first time I went to convert people I didn't know, this time I succeeded in converting Whitney...she agrees that Spain is the most beautiful place she has visited.

Our last day in Madrid. Pictures of the Temple of Debod (an Egyptian temple now in central Madrid), the central plaza, and a restuarant displaying dried pigs legs. (mmm...jamon serrano)

Our stop in Valencia (town on the Mediterranean coast where the Valencia orange started). The gate of the city, a HUGE paella (rice dish) and a shot of the central plaza.

Semana Santa in Bilbao and Barcelona. This is their Easter parade. Very foreign to us Americans, but the most serious and sacred of Spanish religious events.

The Mediterranean Sea, Whitney and perhaps the most famous apartment building in the world (built by Gaudi), and the Christopher Columbus statue in Barcelona (where he returned to after discovering America).